West Green Foods provides exceptional food produce for the private and public sectors across London. With an emphasis on supplying high quality, sustainable produce alongside an efficient service that clients can rely on, we go the extra mile to keep your business thriving with fine food that’s delivered on time, every time.

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From dairy and frozen, to fruit and vegetables, we work 24/7 to deliver some of the finest wholesale foods from around the world to leading restaurants, hotels, schools and caterers.

Our products include convenient set boxes which are a hassle-free way to order your weekly groceries and staple ingredients.

With West Green Foods you can take your fine dining business to the next level and help your professional kitchen run like clockwork. We’re affordable too!

Our Story

We decided to start this venture because we spotted a gap in the market: too many restaurants, businesses and even homes were not getting good value for money when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables. West Green Foods is about creating an accessible food wholesaler market that really works for the modern hospitality sector and helps restaurants and venues continue to thrive and offer a fantastic experience for their customers and staff.

Our mission is to help restaurants and food-oriented businesses gain access to high quality, sustainable produce grown both locally in the UK and internationally. A great working relationship with talented farmers around the world means we can deliver fresh and rare foods to your kitchen or doorstep. Based in the New Covent Garden Market, we have 24 hour access to wholesalers making us a reliable choice.

Our quality services are also good value for money and competitively priced. We can help you make savings of at least 10% on average, so if you’re not happy with the service that you’re currently receiving, why not make the switch to West Green Foods today?

We are always assessing how to improve our services and pride ourselves on our community engagement, including giving educational presentations in cookery schools and donating to local food banks and homeless kitchens.

When it comes to logistics, we leave nothing to chance and have an excellent track record when it comes to ensuring food arrives at its destination in a punctual manner.

We really care about where our food is coming from and how it’s prepared and delivered to your door. Every step of the process is designed to run smoothly and efficiently. With a state-of-the-art transport fleet we can ensure every food order arrives in pristine condition and is packaged securely for optimal, long-lasting freshness.

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The Team

Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing an exceptional service. Hand-picked for their knowledge and experience of farming and the restaurant industry, our friendly team members also strive to offer a personable and approachable service.

We are accessible, proactive, and offer a quick line of communication for all our clients so you’re always informed of your orders and any exciting new produce we have to offer.

We want to help you get the most out of your food and give you the edge over your competitors for an affordable price.

Always looking for ways to improve our services and offer an even better range of products, we can help you offer popular menu staples alongside palatable new recipes that are fresh and exciting for your customers.

Our representatives love to share their knowledge and expertise and help businesses discover fantastic new ingredients that can enhance their repertoire.


Our Ethos

Aside from delivering exceptional food produce efficiently to our clients, we take environmental challenges seriously and have incorporated greener practices into our business plan. 

Our environmental policies include our mission to have a negative carbon footprint and recycle all our cardboard and plastic packaging. 

When it comes to waste and recycling, we are proud to send no waste to landfill which is achieved with New Covent Garden Market’s in-house recycle plant. Our aim is to reduce, reuse and recycle.

West Green Foods have received a number of accreditations, including a BRC certification.

We also operate as Red Tractor certified suppliers, offering Red Tractor Assurance at every step of the food chain while also Increasing our supply of British produce.

While we do offer rarer produce from overseas, we are dedicated to supporting local growers and offer the best of the seasonal fruit and veg alongside deliciously tender British meat and dairy products. Not only is it supporting independent, local growers, it’s also helping to cut emissions from importing.

Client Relationships

At West Green Foods our dedicated representatives work closely with our clients, building strong relationships along the way. We are happy to source products to promote your companies and give guided tours of New Covent Garden Market, offering training and knowledge from many of our suppliers.

We can offer one-to-one relationships with clients. You will be assigned a designated team member who can advise on the best products for your needs and work round the clock to ensure our services meet your expectations and the demands of your business.

We pride ourselves on our professional, reliable and friendly service and endeavour to ensure food is delivered on time, every time. We can help advise on food that’s perfect for serving the crowds or those more specialised ingredients to help create a luxurious restaurant experience.

Client Relationship


If you run a restaurant or an in-house catering team, we understand that finding a reliable food supplier is essential.

With our same day delivery, you can rest assured that all your food will arrive in a timely manner so you can prepare your menu and kitchen for your next wave of customers. We only source from farmers that we trust and before being delivered, all our food is meticulously checked for quality.

However, we don’t just like to get the basics right, we also strive to ensure your menus can be exactly as you want them. We can help connect your business with rare, difficult to source ingredients to ensure that you can deliver a stellar restaurant experience to rival your competitors.

While we source rarer ingredients from abroad to ensure an unbeatable variety, we are also proud to champion and support local producers and food growers from across Britain.

We also make it easy to purchase 100% vegan, vegetarian, organic and fair trade products to help your business meet its own unique menu offerings and provide catering solutions that are suitable and sustainable for all.

We take safety seriously and perform rigorous health and safety checks and processes in our warehouses, to ensure food regulations are being met and that the warehouse is being managed in a way that’s safe for our employees.

Once you sign up to a short or long-term food supply contract with us, we will assign a dedicated team member to handle your requirements and advise you along the way. We’ve designed our ordering system so that it’s easy to use and efficient, so you can spend less time sourcing great ingredients and more time planning your next menus and meals.


From small boutique restaurants, to fine Michelin star dining, we serve both small and large businesses across the hospitality and private sector. Whether you need fresh food supplies for a college, university, cookery school, canteen, hotel or restaurant, we can offer small contracts or offer regular supplies depending on your business’s needs. 

We have a wealth of experience working with prestigious restaurants, hotels and venues to deliver exceptional menus and fine culinary experiences with great attention to detail. We can also deliver produce for mass catering operations, including canteens, universities, schools and catering businesses. 

With our versatile produce, we keep on the pulse of the latest food trends, cater for all dietary requirements and can even supply specialist vegan, vegetarian and organic food restaurants.

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